Rancho San Juan High School

Kasavan Architects was selected by the Salinas Union High School District to provide full services for the design of a new High School. Services including: Site analysis and selection (CDE approvals), coordinate services of Owner’s consultants including surveyor, environmental consultant (CEQA), geo-technical engineer and off-site traffic development. We provided full service programming, master planning, site and building design, and phased construction planning.

The project funding was secured with a public bond measure for the initial phase of the new High School. Already at DSA for approval we were challenged with the requirement to design additive alternates into the project so the District could select which portions of the project to Bid. This was successful and the first phase includes all the District selected Add Alternates. We successfully acquired DSA approval over a three-week back check review, no significant changes to the design were required. The project documents are 4 volumes over 950 sheets of drawings, fully coordinated with all consultants. This project will be commissioned by the District with a third party.

The project is currently under construction with a contract value of $79.5 million.